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Types of indices. Stock market indices may be classified in many ways. A 'world' or 'global' stock market index — such as the MSCI World or the S&P Global — includes stocks from multiple regions. Regions may be defined geographically (e.g., Europe, Asia) or by levels of industrialization or income (e.g., Developed Markets, .

This nontaxable portion also is called a return of capital; it is a return of your investment in the stock of the company. If stock is sold, exchanged, or otherwise disposed of after a dividend is declared but before it is paid, the owner of record usually the payee shown on the dividend check must include the dividend in income.

What is 'Equity '

So you developed the next big app or social media website idea, formed an entity, and developed a business plan, now how do you get funding? This is the first in a series of blog articles that will explain in layman’s terms some of the things that every founder should know about the types of equity and how common forms of funding relate to your company’s equity.

One of the pitfalls of this process, is the cost of the Swift is every time you intend on working with a co-responding Bank for monetization, your take on the Swift costs and await the transaction to be accepted or completed by the receiving Bank. If you are looking for an SKR you can always apply at www. The Cyprus market allows for us to create a low-tax structure that ends up being the company that your assets are securitized into.

The securitized assets are placed in trust with the Cyprus company. The Cyprus company, through our list of trustees and relationship with the Cyprus stock exchange, allow for the securitization company to issue Bonds as a private company onto the Cyprus Stock Exchange with the registrar and trustee managing the process through our firm.

Naturally, the Bond has an ISIN number and can clear into any brokerage house or Bank globally through direct transfer via the clearing and settlement of the Bond.

You as the Bond holder can deposit the bonds within a brokerage account we will set-up for you, and then transfer the bonds to the purchasing party. The bonds can be used directly for loans, leverage, and or for sale to financial institutions as a listed bond versus going through the process of sending Swift messages which are costly for deals that do not get financed.

In addition, there are secondary markets such as the European Wholesale Debt market and Frankfurt 2nd Quotation board, creating liquidity and an immediate market for your otherwise illiquid assets.

The Cyprus securitization structure, clearing and settlement, registrar, brokerage account, company, listing, nomads sponsorship fees, tax advice, legal advice, and monetization consulting ends up costing no more than 60, euro. With the ease and ability to transfer the security, the cost ends up being half the overall fees generally incurred from an SKR, which has no secondary liquid market accept for private trading platforms, which are generally long and arduous processes to access.

Therefore, the Bond structure that we have developed is clearly a winner for people trying to leverage assets, monetize illiquid assets, or who want to use their assets without putting them at risk or diluted from equity investment. If you are interested in turning your assets into debt instruments that can be monetized, you should be considering our packaged Bond listing.

In addition, Cyprus is not an offshore jurisdiction, it is a low-tax jurisdiction, which means you are the owner of the business do not have to would that if you live in a region that requires disclosure of offshore jurisdiction companies or may not be permitted by your region, this is acceptable to your tax departments via specific treaties that enable its use.

We do not give Tax or Legal advice, however, we have partnered with a Tax Auditor and Advisor with over 6, companies within this region who trust their advice and structures.

You can contact us and become one of those many firms that globally are taking advantage of one of the most intelligent structures there is for your business. FSE Listings Inc has been known globally as the leader of listings on the first quotation board up until Changes in the market regulations in Frankfurt made it very difficult for small firms to direct list onto the Frankfurt Stock Market. This can be completed for as little as 60, euro.

A direct listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange would take months, even a year, due to the rigorous nature of the standard market within Germany. And now the Cyprus Stock Exchange. The Cyprus Stock Exchange presents an amazing opportunity for listing a company on a public market, with all the benefits of a recognized listing on a stock exchange with low-cost regulatory requirements.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on the Cyprus Markets Listings of your firm. The Emerging Companies Market is a new financial market in Cyprus which is considered to be unregulated and does not come under the mandatory provisions applicable to regulated markets. Such provisions impose strict listing requirements and continuous reporting obligations on listed companies. The Emerging Companies Market is a multilateral trading facility that operates in accordance with the regulative decisions adopted by the Cyprus Stock Exchange, which will be exclusively responsible for setting the listing requirements and continuous obligations of issuers and directors, as well as any penalties to be imposed for rule violations.

The Emerging Companies Market creates new dimensions in the Cypriot financial world by offering numerous opportunities — for example, it:. IFXBG Limited has a method to make sure that the UBO controls all the shares of the nominee shareholders, thus making sure that not even one share falls into wrong hands.

A listed company will require minimum 3 Directors, with 1 Director Executive to be responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the company. The other 2 can be non-executive directors. All decisions are made by the Board who is answerable to shareholders once a year at the AGM. Shareholders can vote through proxies at the AGM. The CV, educational and business background of all directors will need to be provided to the CSE and is open for public scrutiny.

The company also needs to have registered office, legal advisor, auditor, and reveal the banks where it has a relationship. The issuer must have readily available audited accounts and must be able to prove that it carried on its ordinary activities for at least two years before its application.

Newly established companies can also be listed if the Cyprus Stock Exchange Council is satisfied that future shareholders are given satisfactory information in order to assess properly the value of the titles.

Throughout the flotation procedure, the issuer must have a nominated adviser ie, a lawyer and auditor who is authorized to act as a nominated adviser by the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

The issuer must be registered as a public limited liability company. There are no minimum market capitalization or shareholder equity criteria. Before the company is listed, it can organize a private placement of shares and raise money. There is no limitation on the amount raised, but if the shares are issued at a premium, then this needs to be justified to the CSE.

Once the private placement is completed, we shall then simply list the shares on the CSE. Option Strategy Consists solely of either calls or puts, or a combination of both, to take advantage of a specific market forecast. Option Value Refer to Option Positions. Order An action, executed in a market on your behalf by Fidelity, to buy or sell shares of a security.

See Orders for more information. The order information is automatically updated every two seconds throughout Extended Hours trading. In addition to the best current bid and ask orders, Order Book quotes also supply the following information:. Order Confirmation Number The unique number used to identify a trade order. Order Date The date an order was placed. Order Description This is a field that displays in mutual fund order details.

This field displays information stating that the order is an Electronic Funds Transfer request. This field does not display for other types of mutual fund orders. Order Information The details for a trade order. This information displays on various screens e. Order Number The unique number Fidelity assigned to identify an order. This number displays on the confirmation screen you receive when you place an order online. Orders Pending The list of account trade orders or annuity exchange orders that have been received by Fidelity, but have not yet executed.

The order list displays on the Orders screen. Order Time The time when Fidelity received an order. Order Type Multi-leg On the multi-leg option trading ticket, the amount you expect to pay or the amount you expect to receive from your multi-leg option trade. On the multi-leg option trading ticket, Order Type selections include:. For orders placed during the Premarket and After Hours sessions, the order type is set to Limit.

Limit is the only valid order type for orders placed during these sessions. Ordinary Dividends Distributions paid to you or credited to your account from earnings of a corporation or mutual fund. Ordinary dividends may be paid in cash or reinvested in additional shares. Ordinary dividends, which include any net short-term capital gains from a mutual fund, are fully taxable.

Any loss, to the extent that the loss is less than or equal to previously earned interest, is usually treated as an ordinary loss. Any loss greater than previously earned interest is usually treated as a capital loss. Original Call Amount The original amount of cash or securities with a market value of a specific amount that you had to deposit into your account to cover a margin or day trade call. Original Issue Amount The amount or quantity offered to the public at the time of original issuance.

Original Issue Discount OID The difference between the stated redemption price at maturity if greater than one year and the issue price of a fixed income security attributable to the selected tax year. Tax reporting of OID obligations is complex. If acquisition or bond premium is paid during the purchase, or if the obligation is a stripped bond or stripped coupon, the investor must compute the proper amount of OID.

Original Issue Discount on U. Treasury Obligations The amount of original issue discount on U. Treasury obligation for the part of the year you owned it. This amount is exempt from state and local income taxes. Original Lot Quantity When updating cost basis, Original Lot Quantity is the number of shares in the selected lot for which cost basis information can be supplied.

Original Lot Quantity remains constant as you enter the new basis information. Original Purchase Price This is the dollars per unit for a security when it was purchased or acquired. For short positions , this is the dollar per shares received when the short position was opened. The gain or loss information calculated by Fidelity will be based on the tax lot information as determined by Fidelity Investments, if applicable, not the basis information you provide.

Other As used on the Graphical View and Holdings Detail analysis screens for your portfolio or one or more selected accounts, Other includes your investment in derivative securities , stock options, and real estate investment trusts REITs in some of your investments.

Please note that Plan College Investment Trust accounts are classified as Other for portfolio and account analysis. Interestingly, options are a lot like most people, in that exercise is a fairly infrequent event. See Cashing Out Your Options. That means he or she is required to buy or sell the underlying stock at the strike price. Equity Options — There are quite a few differences between options based on an index versus those based on equities, or stocks.

Second, the last day to trade most index options is the Thursday before the third Friday of the expiration month. It might actually be the second Thursday if the month started on a Friday.

But the last day to trade equity options is the third Friday of the expiration month. There are several exceptions to these general guidelines about index options. See What is an Index Option? Stop-Loss Order - An order to sell a stock or option when it reaches a certain price the stop price.

Past this price, you no longer want the cheese; you just want out of the trap. When your position trades at or through your stop price, your stop order will get activated as a market order, seeking the best available market price at that time the order is triggered to close out your position.

In those situations, stocks are likely to gap — that is, the next trade price after the trading halt might be significantly different from the prices before the halt.

Standard Deviation — This site is about options, not statistics. If we assume stocks have a simple normal price distribution, we can calculate what a one-standard-deviation move for the stock will be. This comes in handy when figuring out the potential range of movement for a particular stock.