2018 FIFA World Cup

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TSLA options tracker - "catastrophe" puts hit the tape today, 20 more Jan 20 puts also trade today. Great traders need many weapons in their arsenals. I would appreciate it more than you would ever imagine if you would get back to me for some help on an online site that I am attempting to create

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The Option Block All-Star Panel breaks down the latest developments in the options market, analyzes unusual options activity, explains cutting-edge options strategies, answers listener questions and .

A plan for new trading pit triggers a feud in the U. Puts roll in L Brands Inc. LB Puts trade in Gap Inc. Welcome to our th episode. Today's special panel includes: It's all strategy in this abridged episode of the Option Block. Today, uncle Mike discusses what you an do when you're not connected to your computer, including:. Everyone is talking about Bitcoin Volatility these days.

Where do you stand on Bitcoin after last weeks aggressive downturn? Let's get back to basics. What's your fav way to go long? Taking the weekend out of the market. Biotech and the effect of the AHCA bill. Crude and the energy section taking it on the chin. PAA call spreads trade in Praxair, Inc.

Did we turn a corner? Do we have a lack of shellac? Everyone wants to be everything. Where do you stand on Bitcoin after last week's aggressive downturn?

The Federal Reserve announced a quarter-point rate hike Wednesday as expected. The market keeps shrugging off news about Trump. The news deluge, with its quasi facts, is making people numb. But recent events have us asking again: What is up with VIX today? How low should VIX go? Are you in the Goldman camp or the Barclay's camp? Gaming segment hot today. Big news out of the E3 show. Comey talks before the Senate - the markets shrug. VIX still in double digits, barely.

Mike discusses the importance of having different strategies for different underlying, in similar scenarios. Why buy these puts? Comey swing and miss. Will we make a new all-time high? Fed news conference next Wednesday. The VIX is back to flirting with its lowest levels ever. Keep an eye on APPL.

The World Wide Developer Conference begins this week. Calls trade in Cenovus Energy Inc. Do we need to bring back mini options with all of these high-priced stocks? The crude rally continues. Guess what the number one position in Tesla is right now? How would you trade? Question from GuruHawk -How do you know the shares were purchased as well? I see the volume on the option But to know workings of intent?

What is going on in the June 16 SPY contract? Market reaction to the decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

How low can VIX go? Calls trade in Pandora Media Inc. Options Question Of The Week: There are still a lot of big names reporting in earnings season. Which ones are on your options watchlist this week? A bull rally in the market. Still a lot of big names reporting in earnings season. This volatility implosion is starting to make people nervous. How Low Can It Go in ?

VIX near the single digits at the 10 handle. Is the VIX too low? Tesla, Facebook, Disney and EA. These are crazy times for all markets from commodities to equities and volatility. Which crazy level will we hit first? The Trumpcare bill and French election, how might they affect vol? Thank you to Steve A for the fan art! Do you trade options on cheap stocks? Looking ahead to AAPL earnings.

Wonderful is loving AAPL right now. Quarterly earnings continue to roll with one of the biggest names of the season set to announce Tuesday after the close.

Technology giant Apple Inc. In addition, there are other big names announcing as well including Tesla Motors and Pfizer. Calls trade in Applied Optoelectronics Inc. GGP , puts trade in Excelon Corp. Glad to ask a? Yeah, I got assigned 2 of 3 my put spread.. Seeing the large margin number was not pleasant.. Call spread selling in Thor Industries Inc. Today we have very special guest co-hosts: Question from AndersonInvesting - New to options.

I use TD Ameritrade but currently I do not like it for options. I was looking at Charles Schwab. Any recommendations for an options newbie?

Also looking at AMD puts to protect gains averaged in at Earnings date has been announced for May 1st. The year anniversary of the vote to join WWI. VIX pops after Syrian attack. New week highs new highs today: LULU craps the bed.

Stock market climbs after economic data, with banks in lead. Tesla produces more PR noise. Vol skew gets dumped. Should technical analysis be applied to VIX? Stock-market fear threatens a return, as Dow stares at longest losing streak in 6 years. Options BrokerMadness tournament going on now. Comment from VoiceOfReason1 -Options seems far too complicated - too much thinking involved.

I follow the penny stock community - they are usually dead accurate. Why the bull run will stay in great shape even as the health bill troubles traders. What's your Zombie weapon of choice? The stock market slipped following Fed rate-hike rally, declining in oil prices. If you had to buy Volatility-which is the best value? Are SNAP options set for strong demand on their market debut?

Fed kicks off tomorrow. Puts trade in Encana Corp. If you had to buy Volatility, which is the best value? An escalating broker price war has begun. The first big IPO of the year is off to the races. AKA how much movement do you expect? It is a very heavy week as far as economic reports go with a bulk of them coming on Tuesday and Wednesday. Where did February go? Mar 2 - Jobless Claims. Dow sets sights on 12th straight record close.

WarrenBeatty screwed up Best Picture. What is your biggest Options screwup? How low will it get during the rest of his term?

Earnings earlier this week. What is your go-to spread? I buy 1 Feb What am I missing? Why does everyone say this earnings stuff is so hard? Like many burgeoning tech startups, Snap warned that it? Rest of Nasdaq seemed bright green. Question from Richard R. Is this just the current ATM straddle? The market will be closed Monday, February 20 for Presidents Day. This week in the market - Feb Apple did not reach all time highs, but its close price is an all time highs.

All time highs happened on April 28, ICE Cool on Options: Question from Game Day Dog - Hi. I am worried about max risk. How is this different than selling a naked option if my protection is OTM at expiration? Can you discuss the "surprises" or things to watch for with vertical spreads? DIS earnings on Tuesday: Options QuestionOfTheWeek - With so many different Options expiration cycles available weekly, etc - which duration do you prefer? But there is more than just earnings.

The Snapchat IPO looms ahead. Time for another Earnings StraddleBattle: Which stock will outperform its straddle by the largest margin? Call writer in Coach Inc.

STZ and calls trade in Pfizer Inc. Calls trade in Kate Spade Co. Lots of earnings on the horizon. Stocks tumble ahead of Trump inauguration - Dow off Another crazy earnings for NFLX. How a one-two, Trump-Yellen punch may move interest rates. Dow drops about points.

Who can slow down the Amazon juggernaut? Oil drop stymies the Dows march to 20, Tech stocks send Nasdaq to record, Apple is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. Gold prices settle at highest level in nearly 6 weeks. The options market is not too worried about retail XRT woes, but should it be? First QuestionOfTheWeek for How will Options volume compare?

A look back at the year in the options market. An overview of Lightspeed Trading with guest co-host Kevin Ott. Oil falls for the first time in nine days as U. Will be a lighter trading week as many traders and investors will be taking the week off because of the holidays.

There are a couple of economic reports worth noting listed below. Calls trade in Globalstar, Inc. Major market indices are pushing record highs. Everyone has protection on the brain. How do you protect your portfolio? Vol off half a handle. How likely is the Fed to make an announcement before the end of the year? Financial advisors represent the last options frontier. What level of options knowledge do you expect from your advisor?

The market and everything else rallied. What's the scoop with the shiny stuff? Stocks mixed as Dow hits another new record high, flirting with 20, Crude and XLE up too. Understanding the minutiae of VIX. The Tao of Don: Sell or sell not. There is no buy. CrudeOil has been volatile lately.

Where will Crude Volatility close on Friday? Apple still up on the year. What might next year look like? Earnings after the bell today: Why was November such a massive month for markets around the world?

Commodities are capturing a lot of attention and generating a lot of Volatility. What's your option of choice? Jobs report and the Fed set the holiday table this week. How the "Trump bump" to the U. What is your option of choice? Goldman insiders underwater options were salvaged by the Trump election.

There are still earnings being released. Great traders need many weapons in their arsenals. But everyone has a favorite. A mild market rally today. VIX cash back below the handle.

Yellen says Fed might hike interest rates relatively soon. Jobless claims in U. Oil gets left behind in post-Trump rally. Trump presidency raises questions on the future of Wall St. Pharma pop on Hillary loss. Uncle Mike Tosaw discusses what to do when you get called away from a covered call. Checking back on the earnings straddles from the top of the show. Who will be in the Trump cabinet?

Will tech buyers show up? Dow soars points after FBI clears Clinton again. Are certain volatility funds raising election risk for the stock market? Earnings today after the bell. Which outcome is most likely? Does that mean Trump will win?

The tumultuous presidential election could peak the VIX today. Emotional uncertain about the election? Stick to your investing plan. Calls trade in Metlife Inc. The big story is the elections, even during earnings season. Will the VIX continue to roll up? A lot of up, a lot of down, but going nowhere.

Earnings today before the bell: Earnings today after the bell: Would you please share your thoughts? Dow drops amid weak China data and rate fears. Will it be a cold winter? Will that spike energy prices? Deutsche Bank says derivatives exposure fears overblown. Twitter shares plunge on report bidders are scarce. Dow soars as traders await earnings season; Nasdaq near record high.

What is your fav way to trade Volatility? The Federal Reserve releases the notes from its last meeting. There are several other economic reports worth noting listed below as Alcoa kicks off another round of quarterly earnings. An anemic day in the market. Deutsche Bank does not need a bailout for now, IMF says. What is your preferred way to trade Volatility?

It is that time of the month: Exchange-listed options volume reached ,, contracts in September, up one percent from September volume of ,, contracts. Quarterly sales numbers are strong. Are we heading for Trump-ocalypse or Clint-astrophe? For more information, please visit the Rocktoberfest website. Most indices closed sharply lower.

That means the VIX closed higher. Was Deutsche Bank the biggest story of the day? The media dropped the dreaded "D" word. Crude is up again. Uncle Mike discusses the biggest frustrations with collars and alternatives to that.

Vol begins to head north again after a big selloff in VIX on Friday. The debates are coming! Merkel has no love for Deutsche Bank. Golf loses a king, Arnold Palmer. What can investors learn from his endorsements? Are you seeing Trump in the rearview mirror?

Interesting turn into exchange consolidation rather than fragmentation. Have you checked out the OptionsHouse blog? OPEC meeting coming up, and they invited Russia. It looks like we were not pessimistic enough on Vol Views last week!

How will next weeks first Presidential debate effect vol? Wall Street extends rally after Fed rate decision. Fed is perilously close to losing its credibility, says economist. It is no longer the Feds market, it is now Apple's market. Volatility is coming back! Wall Street gains on Apple, dimmer chances of rate hike. Dow rebounds points amid rate hike debate. Vol explodes higher and the bulls' confidence is tested.

Shares of Tesla Motors Inc. It is a heavy week as far as economic reports go with Thursday at 7: In addition, quadruple witching expiration takes place on Friday. August this year was the lowest average daily volume for puts and calls since October Bill Gross says Janet Yellen has "Mastered the art of market manipulation.

Puts trade in Iridium Communications Inc. Reviewing a trade from last week in Big lots Inc. Gamestop, Ulta Salon, Cosmetics and Fragrance. Mylan NV responded Thursday to backlash over price increases for its EpiPen emergency allergy treatment by promising to reduce the costs that some patients pay, though the drugmaker stopped short of saying it would roll back prices or limit future increases.

What to expect from Fed Chair speech at Jackson Hole. UAL , call buying across strikes in Goldcorp Inc. CG , and put spread buying in Big Lots Inc. Uncle Mike Tosaw discusses trading covered calls, even when they are not paying a lot. Yellen speech at Jackson Hole set to dominate mood on Wall Street.

VRX continues its roller coaster ride. Confirmed Monday that it has hired Zoetis executive Paul Herendeen as its new chief financial officer. Looking out 1 month would you rather:. Earnings highlights for Friday include: New all-time highs across most major indices. Oil rallies yet again; up 1.

VIX cash still below the handle. Vertical put buying in Polaris Industries Inc. Strong earnings, surge in oil power Dow to record intraday high. Earnings today include before: Options bears descend on Valeant ahead of earnings. Traders are betting shares are due for even more pain. Non-farm payroll brightens the U.

Puts trade in Tupperware Brands Corp. SM , calls trade in Targa Resources Corp. Takeover rumor sparks busy day in Twitter options. Options Auctions, offering competitive price improvement opportunity.

OptionsHouse is now the sponsor of The Option Block. Not many earning today, but a big week is ahead. Apple after the bell tomorrow. Oil prices fell to two-and-a-half month low. Verizon owns the internet from the 90s, AOL last year, Yahoo today. Calls trade in Crown Castle Inter. The coup that wasn't. A Brexit swoon boosts US options volume to a month high. Legislation to impose financial transactions tax introduced. Clinton aims "Wall Street" tax at Flash Boys, not banks.

Calls trade in ConAgra Foods Inc. What do the all-stars discuss? The urgency of the Fed to hike has faded away as Brexit further clouded the outlook. Twitter Poll Options Question of the Week: Which products' performance post- Brexit surprised you the most? Options Question of the Week Twitter Poll: Calls go up in Hershey Co. Vol coming in due to holiday weekend. Will there be a selloff due to quarter end?

Will bonds come down at all? Brexit provides a review of pitfalls for options and futures traders. Oil extends decline as Brexit fallout spurs market volatility. Could the Fed potentially reverse course and cut rates? Results due late Thursday night.

Tesla owner Elon Musk wants to acquire SolarCity, another company he owns. Bull call spreads trade in RiteAid Corp. Much ado about nothing? Is that it for volatility? Goldman slashes stock demand estimates. Beyond The Stock Market: Fed keeps rates unchanged, lowering odds for future hikes. Weak Nonfarms number derailed any Fed plans to raise in June. Calls trade in Activision Blizzard Inc. Today we have a special guest co-host: Billionaire George Soros returns as a Brexit bear. Market not spooked by Yellen today.

Brexit worry has radiated around world as poll puts traders on edge. Calls trade in Xilinx Inc. M , and calls trade in Marriott International Inc. Is the collar skew still favorable? GLD vs Futures options. The SEC has obtained a court order to freeze the profits of a trader who allegedly manipulated a technology stock through a false regulatory filing traced to a computer in Pakistan.

What's coming up from the Fed? What's happening with the ag markets? Brexit and pound skew. Should we sell in May and go away? Will anything useful come out of the Fed meeting? He also said, "We are not going to be in a situation, as is the case of one, two or even three stadiums in South Africa , where it is a problem of what you do with these stadiums".

They were satisfied with the progress. Of the twelve venues used, the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow and the Saint Petersburg Stadium — the two largest stadiums in Russia — were used most, both hosting seven matches.

Sochi, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Samara all hosted six matches, including one quarter-final match each, while the Otkrytiye Stadium in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don hosted five matches, including one round-of match each.

Volgograd, Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg and Saransk all hosted four matches, but did not host any knockout stage games. Base camps were used by the 32 national squads to stay and train before and during the World Cup tournament. Costs continued to balloon as preparations were underway. Platov International Airport in Rostov-on-Don was upgraded with automated air traffic control systems, modern surveillance, navigation, communication, control, and meteorological support systems.

Saransk Airport received a new navigation system; the city also got two new hotels, Mercure Saransk Centre Accor Hotels and Four Points by Sheraton Saransk Starwood Hotels as well as few other smaller accommodation facilities. The last facility commissioned was a waste treatment station in Volgograd. In Yekaterinburg, where four matches are hosted, hosting costs increased to over 7. Preference, especially in the key areas, was given to those with knowledge of foreign languages and volunteering experience, but not necessarily to Russian nationals.

Free public transport services were offered for ticketholders during the World Cup, including additional trains linking between host cities, as well as services such as bus service within them. The full schedule was announced by FIFA on 24 July without kick-off times, which were confirmed later. Russia was placed in position A1 in the group stage and played in the opening match at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on 14 June against Saudi Arabia , the two lowest-ranked teams of the tournament at the time of the final draw.

The Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg hosted the first semi-final on 10 July and the third place play-off on 14 July.

The opening ceremony took place on Thursday, 14 June , at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, preceding the opening match of the tournament between hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia. Former Brazilian World Cup-winning striker Ronaldo walked out with a child wearing a Russia shirt.

English pop singer Robbie Williams then performed two songs before he and Russian soprano Aida Garifullina performed a duet while other performers emerged, dressed in the flags of all 32 teams and carrying a sign bearing the name of each nation.

Dancers were also present. Competing countries were divided into eight groups of four teams groups A to H. Teams in each group played one another in a round-robin basis, with the top two teams of each group advancing to the knockout stage. Ten European teams and four South American teams progressed to the knockout stage, together with Japan and Mexico.

For the first time since , Germany reigning champions did not advance past the first round. For the first time since , no African team progressed to the second round. For the first time, the fair play criteria came into use, when Japan qualified over Senegal due to having received fewer yellow cards.

Only one match, France v Denmark, was goalless. Until then there were a record 36 straight games in which at least one goal was scored. All times listed below are local time. The ranking of teams in the group stage was determined as follows: In the knockout stages, if a match is level at the end of normal playing time, extra time is played two periods of 15 minutes each and followed, if necessary, by a penalty shoot-out to determine the winners.

If a match went into extra time, each team was allowed to make a fourth substitution, the first time this had been allowed in a FIFA World Cup tournament. Twelve own goals were scored during the tournament, doubling the record of six set in In total, only four players were sent off in the entire tournament, the fewest since A player is automatically suspended for the next match for the following offences: The following awards were given at the conclusion of the tournament.

The award was sponsored by Hyundai. FIFA also published an alternate team of the tournament based on player performances evaluated through statistical data. Prize money amounts were announced in October The tournament logo was unveiled on 28 October by cosmonauts at the International Space Station and then projected onto Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre during an evening television programme. Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko said that the logo was inspired by "Russia's rich artistic tradition and its history of bold achievement and innovation", and FIFA President Sepp Blatter stated that it reflected the "heart and soul" of the country.

The official mascot for the tournament was unveiled 21 October , and selected through a design competition among university students. A public vote was used to select from three finalists—a cat, a tiger, and a wolf. The first phase of ticket sales started on 14 September , The general visa policy of Russia did not apply to participants and spectators, who were able to visit Russia without a visa right before and during the competition regardless of their citizenship.

A Fan-ID was required to enter the country visa-free, while a ticket, Fan-ID and a valid passport were required to enter stadiums for matches. Fan-IDs also granted World Cup attendees free access to public transport services, including buses, and train service between host cities. Fan-ID was administered by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media , who could revoke these accreditations at any time to "ensure the defence capability or security of the state or public order".

The official match ball of the World Cup group stage was " Telstar 18 ", based on the name and design of the first Adidas World Cup ball from It was introduced on 9 November After the group stage, "Telstar Mechta" was used for the knockout stage.

The word mechta Russian: The difference between Telstar 18 and Mechta is the red details on the design. Its music video was released on 8 June Thirty-three footballers who are alleged to be part of the steroid program are listed in the McLaren Report. The choice of Russia as host has been challenged.

Controversial issues have included the level of racism in Russian football, [] [] [] and discrimination against LGBT people in wider Russian society. Allegations of corruption in the bidding processes for the and World Cups caused threats from England's FA to boycott the tournament. Garcia , a US attorney, to investigate and produce a report on the corruption allegations. Eckert's summary cleared Russia and Qatar of any wrongdoing, but was denounced by critics as a whitewash.

On 3 June , the FBI confirmed that the federal authorities were investigating the bidding and awarding processes for the and World Cups. In response to the March poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal , British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that no British ministers or members of the royal family would attend the World Cup, and issued a warning to any travelling England fans.

The British Foreign Office and MPs had repeatedly warned English football fans and "people of Asian or Afro-Caribbean descent" travelling to Russia of "racist or homophobic intimidation, hooligan violence and anti-British hostility".

At the close of the World Cup Russia was widely praised for its success in hosting the tournament, with Steve Rosenberg of the BBC deeming it "a resounding public relations success" for Putin, adding, "The stunning new stadiums, free train travel to venues and the absence of crowd violence has impressed visiting supporters.

Russia has come across as friendly and hospitable: All the foreign fans I have spoken to are pleasantly surprised. But you do have to turn on your computer and send them prospects But I find there are always people that either are looking for shortcuts to success or look at all situations as the glass is half empty.

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I will go there and finish the training as I've already paid for it , but sure that I'm not buying anything else from MOBE. Matt is a really good marketer, and he really makes you dream.

His book is awesome and I really enjoy the Daily Powerup Call which he recommends to listen to. Thanks to you, I will start with WA to see how it goes. At least Matt helped me to see that I can get out of the rat race, despite it costed me a lot of money. I'm trying to see the good side of my hundred investment. Not all programs are complete scams, however, if one does not learn the basics first, it will be an uphill battle to get a grip on more complex training.

Mobe is not all that bad, just not upfront when it comes to spending money and stipulating the risks involved. I am sure that your investment will contribute to your success in the end. We must face trial and error to reach the top. Like always, please do not hesitate to shout if you have questions, will do my best to assist. Thanks Christene and all who have contributed. I was supposed to attend the class this Thursday in KL. Am a newbie 49years old, been retrenched recently , and still struggling to fill the financial gap.

Definitely can't afford to lose anymore time or money. Thanks again to all who contributed freely your valuable experiences. Good day to all and best of luck. Best way would be to learn the basics and start your own website. The risk is not so great financially and the odds are better if you work hard. Thanks for stopping by, have yourself an awesome day! Hi CHristene, I have been following up on the conversations.

Could you advise how did you start your own website. Also how are you making money by selling your own products. The summit will be this weekend and upon reading this review, I think I've got a glimpse of what to expect.

Will update again once I finish the 1st day and so on. Anyway, I'm new to this internet marketing or this digital marketing and was curious at first before deciding to register to the summit.

Question Christene, where do you think I should start to learn? Since you have already spent the money, there would be no use to waste it. The information you get, will not be useless and will come in handy at some point. There are many ways to make money online, MLM, affiliate marketing, paid advertising, drop shipping, blogging and so forth. All of these are legitimate methods to earn money, however, not all of them are easy or cheap methods. In addition, to be successful, you will have to learn new things and implement them.

You will not escape trial and error, it is part of the road to success. The question is; how much are you willing to spend during trial and error? Blogging website development and Affiliate marketing are what I call the "easy bunch".

Not too much investment and if you work hard, you have a real shot at getting successful. Also not too much to learn, hence the reason, why I recommend it above all. People differ, some have no problem to actively market a product while others are a bit on the shy side and would rather do something that does not put them in the spot light.

You need to find the method that makes you comfortable. Last but not least, it takes time to learn new things and implement them. One or two classrooms will never compare against real experience and getting that experience takes time. Meaning, if you decide to join a program, you must at least give yourself fair time working on it before you bail out and look for something better.

DO NOT spend money that you don't have! Like I mentioned, it does take time to make money, because of the learning curve. If you spend money now and hope that you will make it back within a specific time period, you will end up disappointed or in financial trouble.

Money you spend now will be like an investment towards the future, you will most likely not earn it back soon unless you are skilled. Go to the Summit with an open mind and absorb as much information as possible, see if it is something that you can devote all your time and energy on and go from there. I completely know what you mean. I have something for you to look at. It is a pleasure, glad that the post helped you.

Have an awesome day! Kry jy nie skaam om mense so te mislei nie? Ek het jou reeds aan Facebook gerapporteer. So please don't do it. I am an afflilliate with MOBE. Honestly I am reading these comments talk bad about MOVIE just because not only they want you to join their system,they talk bad about other online affiliate marketing programs.

The reality in anything you want to do in your life in order to be successful, you have to invest in yourself period. Of course not because they want your business. This is a trick to people to believe that MOBE is bad when they truly aren't. The only person that is going to make money is by you, yourself taking action and sticking to it and keep away from distractions. People will say dishonest things to give other companies a bad reputation just so they can sucker you into their own business.

If your not sure about MOBE go and read all the people's success stories. I'm not promoting anything on here to push people to go to my affiliate link.. If you are interested just go check it out. It is up to you and only you to join any company.

Where are the current success stories? Most of the videos in the site show stories from I was hoping that I would learn internet marketing from them. I question buying a "done for you" product again and again. Honestly I am reading these comments talk bad about MOBE just because not only they want you to join their system,they talk bad about other online affiliate marketing programs.

Dear, I was just going to sign for the silvermasterclass goldmasterclass incl. Which system is the riht one? I just paid to go to summit and after reading these comments, this is what I have gotten out of it.

There may be some good information shared but it may be quite advanced. There are a few making money but very very few. You ha EA to invest a lot to make money. While I agree with the principal of investing time and money and effort to earn later think of school, college, I think there is more to it. It seems to come down to this, would you be comfortable selling what they have sold you to others? Is this in your niche and skill set? I can't say that it is or is not a scum as I just started with them, but here is my take away.

I know sales, and especially of this product t are not my thing. I am also a newbie and there are a lot of trusted less expensive ways to gain knowledge and experience on internet marketing before trying such a program.

Unlike some who may have the time and money to spend on a program like this, I do not have enough as I have to keep working at least until I can replace my income. I'm glad that some are making money.

The problem I have is how the program is sold. But it seems a lot more time, money and as are needed before you ever make money, and there seems to be some blaming of those who cannot commit that much and accusations that they are not committed, or hard working, or serious and that's why they will not successful.

There are so many reasons that it, like so many other things, will only work for some. I hope they could just say that up front other than after the time and money at spent. I personally will not feel comfortable up selling anyone on expensive program with information they. An learn else where, and taking money they may not have.

Just saying that if they are legit, they would do a lot for their reputation just being honest upfront and getting just the people that can do this, rather than the sales gimmick "no experience, anyone can learn, just two hours a day," etc that they are now selling. I am trying to contact them for the refund promised, but the site has no contact info. Do you have their contact info? Hi Go to this link: Hi, Just reading the comments and figured I'd share this: I just attended the HBS this past weekend and the whole 3 days was more about listening to the speaker's praise to his mentor Russ and his wife Bernadette.

He talked more about these people and there influence on him than about internet marketing. When he did get around to his agenda he took way to much time making his point that much of the meaning got lost and he ended up talking about Russ and Bernadette again most times.

I came to the HBS hoping to learn about how to be an affiliate marketer but there was some much hype of the MOBE's overpriced products, that after the first day slowly it dawn on me that this is an expensive program that will make you broke very fast and quick. At the HBS they pressure you to make a decision to choose what level you want to come in as they call it "positioning" and you can choose from the Titanium, Platinum and Diamond level.

They don't give the Silver and Gold levels the same hype as they give the other higher levels they really, really push the higher levels because they cost the most money.

When I asked if the credit line should get approved could people use that to pay for the license fee level I was told no of course the fee has to be paid up front. So basically it boils down to this you have to come with some deep pockets at the HBS seminars and be ready to pay for something otherwise you'll nothing and nowhere with these people.

Many of them that involved in MOBE have some type of a real estate background, lots of credit cards that they use to fund this project the speaker even boasted that he has about 19 credit cards on him like that's impressive I saw about 12 participants sign up for this and many of them used savings accounts to pay for these fees and credit cards and yet many of them looked broke as Joe's turkey. One lady was so desparate to do MOBE that she signed up for the Platinum level without batting and eye.

I tried to get my money back from them because Matt Lloyd made a video stating that if you were not satified with the seminar you can get a refund well MOBE support will not refund my money because on the pink slip when you buy the book kit and HBS it does state that you have 3 days to request a refund.

Very contradictatory when the owner himself is saying another thing on his video. Believe me I've beating myself up enough about it already and feeling quite stupid. Sounds like you have 3 days. Hi Colin, Sorry for the late reply just now catching up. I attended the IMF free seminar back in April of and had only 3 days from that time to request a refund. I love all your comment Colin! And agree on all of em: My minor beef with this "enterprise" has been the numerous non specific and vague pushy emails I receive from them constantly.

It is virtually impossible to reach a valid link where one might unsubscribe,there is no page that is viable and working at every turn. The final burn was the unsubscribe link having a dead link to report email abuse on the same page that was an even bigger lie. I would just appreciate being able to get out from under the "forced sell" of the constant shill that they'll "remove my account" at every turn.

An account,btw,that I never signed or requested anything about. Seems like just a plan to slick your money away and remain untouchable for it. Contact us with our valid email ghalibsolution gmail. Thank you for a very honest review Christene It's so hard to find quality reviews that aren't actually sneakily promoting the product these days..

Some advice to anyone thinking about getting into these scams, keep your money in your pocket or these lowlife IM "Gurus" will drain your bank account before you can say scammed!!! Based on my experience, mobe is not completely scam. Mobe pays me because i managed to make a sale on some items. Hi, I am keen to learn from you. Your profit in 7months with little capital is impressive but am sure a lot of work went into it. Anonymous, were you able also to withdraw that money to your bank account?

In my opinion this company is selling something that has no value. This MOBE lures you into many things in many ways, your money will flow out from your bank account into their pockets my advice is stay away.

Me myself i am waiting for a refund of a product and they haven't paid back and i am still waiting. No one should have to buy into this, not even sell it. I am sure this applies to all levels of this mobe. Remember there is no easy money, if you want it you have to work hard for it. The last sentence is also used by MOBE so don't trust them just because they talk like that too. You have fallen into the common trap of commenting without having accurate information. First of all, Mobe is not an MLM.

And even MLM's are not scams either, but legitimate businesses with real products see Amway and Nuskin. Buy a franchise at a similar cost if you can find one and all you get is a tough job and hopefully a living.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, buddy. I just signed up for what it seems to be MOBE, but this time the website name its " My internet education" with the same 21 steps and founded name Matt. After completing step 1, I decided to search for this company reviews.

The catch to that is that before you get the refund you have to go through the 21 steps first. Thank you for your review. I'm scheduled to go to an info seminar later this week.

This behavior is a complete turn off! I get sending reminders, but I don't need 3 or 4 every stinking day! With respect to the review, the content is very useful. However, the grammar could use some work. It's off-putting to me. Thanks again for sharing this. I will NOT be attending the info seminar this week!

I just attended the initial workshop for MOBE yesterday. The speaker said nothing about levels, additional money to invest. I haven't gotten started yet and from reading your article and all the comments I feel totally cheated. I am more than a newbie, I told them I knew nothing about the internet they still shamed all of us into taking a step forward in our lives.

I can't afford any more money for this, I'm a senior on a very limited budget. I suppose now they won't refund my money even though I haven't started. Maybe but dont give up about refund, tell them you are not interested and that you want your money back.

Thanks for the information. I am always leery of "get rich quick and easy" schemes. This review helped me make a good decision. My Internet Education This is a scam. I have paid monies and extra monies for an upgrade on a coach. The one coach I had Tracy Glenn could never be reached but one time. I tried to get to the 5th chapter and no response. Then when I asked for a new coach I got blocked it said no website. I call the toll free number for the past three days and they said they would get me a new coach and I got no emails, no call backs.

They gave me an email and it bounced back and I sent again another email. I don't mind paying for something for learning if it is going to help. Before you get involved in this company think twice. Your coach is suppose to be available and I did the assignments and sent them and he could not open them.

Then he says he opened lessons 3 and 4 and then he said he did not. I set times up for calls he does not call. Tracy was very unreliable as a coach. Very disappointed in this program. I will let as many people as I can to know about it. Do not do not join the program. I was suppose to get a book in the mail never received it. Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

Sorry that you've had a tough time with your coach. Keep persisting that you get assigned a new one from support if that's what needs to be done. I just completed a survey required about my coaching experience. Did you get the same survey?