How to Day Trade Stocks In Two Hours or Less (Extensive Guide)

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I recall you said you ran into liquidity issues while daytrading, and you performed no better with a million dollar account than a smaller size account. Verizon owns the internet from the 90s, AOL last year, Yahoo today. Pre-earnings put-palooza in Under Armor Inc.

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Winning trades more than make up for them. So over many trades you will be profiable if you stick to a strategy that produces profits over many trades. This is why we do all the work in a demo account. It shows that we can profitable, it then becomes a matter of sticking to a strategy over many trades, even though our mind is trying to NOT lose on this one.

But we need to be willing to lose. The only thing that matters is that we win over 10, 20 or 30 trades, but we have no control what happens on THIS trade. The casino is a good example. You need to think like the casino. Never expand your stop loss. This is related to above. Letting a loss get out of hand means you have psychological and mathematically lost your advantage.

You are placing too much emphasis on THIS trade. If you stick to your strategy, you will profitable over many trades despite the loses. Profitable strategies are described in my courses. You just need to practice them and also go through the analysis sections to make sure you are applying them at the right time the analysis sections are the most important part…they provide the context for all the strategies. The mind screams to do the exact opposite.

To cut losses early, take tiny profits, hold for huge unlikely gains, expand the stop loss…. All that matters is how many trades you win and your risk: Prices often soar past my targets, just barely stop me out, or stall just short of my targets.

And the 6 trades out of 10 I win more than cover my losses. If the situation is still good for a trade one second after I get stopped, and I get a valid trade signal again, I take the trade. The difference between profitable and unprofitable traders is NOT gut feeling. It is that profitable traders are trading their own game based on statistics and the study of tendencies. It provides the illusion of gut feeling, but really it is just that they have studied the charts and know that pullbacks tend to exhibit certain characteristics for the trend resumes, for example.

Let the losers be losers whether you get out early or let the original SL get hit. Either is fine cut early or stick with original SL , what I think will really make the difference is not letting past trades affect you. Do what is right on each trade in terms of what helps your profitability for the month. Take the valid setups, let them play out. Let losers be losers and winners be winners.

Stick to strategies and methods you have been working on. Thanks for the tips. Your eBook is the first trading book I ever purchased and the only one I still go back to once in a while to try and clean up my trading. Have you thought of updating the cover, getting a bit dated ;? I do notice on the days where I trade like an absolute pro, that I have an almost numb feeling to the stocks going against me or stop outs.

Almost like for those who have played competitive sports a game where you are just on fire that day. Of course not every day is like this but I wish I knew a way to get into that intensely focused mode before market open each day. Means we can be more in tune with the actual market as opposed to worrying about past trades or money.

I get myself into that mode by thinking in terms of my own actions and not what the market is doing. For example, I play a little game with myself where my only goal is to enter based on my rules and exit based on my rules. No matter the result, if I do that I congratulate myself.

Every trade is like a little mini-game where I am trying to follow my trade guidelines. In this way, I am playing my own game, and I find it really helps me stay in the zone because I am trading on my terms and focusing on things I control. I actually wrote an article for another site on this exact topic not too long ago: Hi Corey, Thanks very much for this guide. I regularly swing trade and take longer term positions but only day trade ocassionally.

I would like to do more day trading of stocks not forex and am curious as to whether you know if there are any trading platforms that will allow you to set conditional orders of the type: If you could point me in the direction of some good trading platforms that allow such things it would be most appreciated. Thanks for your time, Tarrant. But this would be interesting to me as well… if anyone knows about this stuff.

Actually, most platforms do these days. Even MetaTrader, a free platform, may have something like this already created for it.

You could go to the add-on libraries of these platforms and see if there is anything close to what you are looking for. For example, on NinjaTrader the library is called ecosystem: On thinkorswim there is thinkscripts which allows for programmability.

Sterling Trader software I have used and is highly customizable although I never automated. I know I am missing a few of the other major platforms, but most of them have some form or script addons or code editing that allows for automation and platform customization.

I could have not put it in words any better! There is no one way of doing it. Cory — Thanks for the great info. This is most useful info I have found on day trading so far. Can I use my TD Ameritrade account for day trading? I currently invest for long terms but would like to try day trading for a change.

I am just not sure what portal to use to watch market by the minute. Thanks for your help in advance. You can use your TD Ameritrade account. Probably not the cheapest option, but it is usable. If you are with TD ameritrade, you may want to try out the Thinkorswim trading platform which is offered by TD. You may find it a bit more customizable for day trading as you can trade right from your chart while watching the price second by second.

Thank you Cory for this information. This article and site overall have been some of the most informative I have read and shed light on mistakes that I am likely making. I would like to test out using a tick chart on a paper account. What tool do you use to produce the tick chart? My broker does not have paper accounts. Tick charts are just a chart type, which means your broker needs to offer a platform that provides tick charts as an option.

Thank you Cory, for a lot of helpful details. They pretty much match my own experience. I do agree that most people lose money day trading and in stocks in general due to letting emotions dictate their trading: I had to get out of the market for a few years and missed out on the bull market. If I stick to my rules, I should be able to get a higher return.

About what Ali asked, I think this is how it goes. So if today is Friday, the funds will settle on Weds. Some brokers like Charles Schwab and Scottrade might allow you to purchase other stocks before Weds, however, if you then turn around and sell the new stock BEFORE the settlement date you can re-sell starting on Weds , then you trigger one of the regulation T violations. You may only get a warning the first time. Always another rocket to the moon. This can be beneficial if a stock is running up and you want to get in on the action, but want to be able to sell the same day to make profit.

I didnt find anything explaining the brokerage account setup in this article. Could you please direct me in the right direction? How is it that people day trade buy and sell the same stock frequently in the same day? As I noted, I usually lose money when trading with unsettled funds. I had to file extensions with the IRS for like 2 years until one day an ingenious solution came to me.

Also, even more important is how the IRS treats losses. Pay attention to this one. However, if you trade that same stock within 30 days i. January 25th of the next year , that loss is carried forward. And then, next year, you can claim the loss. A wash sale occurs when you sell or trade stock or securities at a loss and within 30 days before or after the sale you:.

If you sell stock and your spouse or a corporation you control buys substantially identical stock, you also have a wash sale.

If your loss was disallowed because of the wash sale rules, add the disallowed loss to the cost of the new stock or securities except in 4 above. The result is your basis in the new stock or securities. This adjustment postpones the loss deduction until the disposition of the new stock or securities. Your holding period for the new stock or securities includes the holding period of the stock or securities sold. Use software called TradeLog TradeLogsoftware. I have just started intraday trading with varied success.

I would be intrigued to know what trading strategy you are using. Would you be so kind to share with me. Thank you for the post Cory! Your article was very informative and I am looking forward to trying day trading. Out of curiosity, what app are you using to create your charts and get real time stock info? Once you have an account the broker will provide real-time charts.

In the meantime, here is an article that provides information on getting free real-time charts: Just wanna know which stock broker do you use? I found there are a lot of choices and each of them offer their own platform.

Depends on where you live and capital available as brokers may offer different rates for various amounts of capital. Also depends on whether you will be an active day trader, or just making a few trades every now again. Interactive Brokers is popular Speedtrader is solid SureTrader has become quite popular for day traders looking to get started with small amounts of capital….

LightSpeed trading is another option. Entering positions based solely on there set-up may work in this environment with tighter stops. Since I only make money off of the stock I am trading, the price action of that stock is really the only input into my trading decisions. Keeps it simple that way. If you try to incorporate the index then you have to analyze two things simultaneously. It is more work, and unnecessary…in my opinion and experience and based on watching others who DO use the indexes a guide.

Your opinion on good brokers for Canadians. I have heard of them, but have no experience with them. That said, if they are structured as a trading firm, and you are basically just trading under their name by putting down what amounts to a deposit, then it may be legal. For markets with lower capital requirements, check out forex or futures…see: Thank you for this post.

How do you do the trading? In other words do you use a margin account or cash account? How is it that people day trade buy and sell the same stock frequently in the same day. I prefer a margin account, as you need one to be able to short sell…which you should be comfortable doing as a day trader.

I would contact them about the reason they are giving you, but the result is likely to be same the reason may change, but they will still prevent you from day trading regularly.

Also, brokers are free to have more stringent requirements on day traders. If so, should directional bias be short for gap down and long for gap up respectively? Any time you have a very strong movement lower you can use the truncated price swing strategy to look for shorts. If there is a very strong move up, then you can look for truncated price swings to go long. Basically, you are just waiting for a pullback moving against the strong move.

As for gaps, yes you can use the strategy. I wrote about this particular situation here: In your opinion, if someone like me were to trade only SPY based on your technique every day, is it possible to become profitable? I would much rather focus on these to become a better trader. I am too fearful of individual stocks at my beginning stage. Hi Shaun, VXX is a measure of volatility. It is worthwhile trading it sometimes, but not all the time.

If you are going to pick one, trade SPY. It is really all you need. Loads of volume, so you can start trading with shares, and as you get more consistent you can slowly increase your position size. In SPY you never need to change anything about your strategy or take more trades to make more money…. SPY offers enough trades and potential each day. So when starting out, trade something with some volatility and lots of volume…SPY offers that, as do some other major ETFs. Yeah, pick one and trade it.

Thanks for this post Cory. I have been practicing this strategy for a month now and showing a small profit. Since we are trading consolidation breaks, what kind of orders do you suggest for entering a trade? I plan to trade your Tuesday picks which seem rather liquid.

Do you think a buy-stop market order would suffice since the spreads are small. Would appreciate your expert opinion in this area. Looking forward to trading live. The most common order for this strategy would be a sell stop if going short placed just below consolidation , or a buy stop if going long just above consolidation. If you are trading the higher volume stocks on the list then a market order should be fine…. That is pretty much all I use in the stock with lots of liquidity.

As mentioned in the article I may cause the breakout myself or enter inside the consolidation if things are really moving prior to the consolidation and there is a good chance that there may be slippage on the entry once it breaks out.

So be adaptive to the market conditions, plan ahead, but the above order types should be fine in most cases. Thanks for the info Cory. I appreciate all your hard work, discipline, and dedication to trading.

Trading has been such a captivating pursuit, I hope one day to be trading for a living. For now, trying to stay humble and continue to learn. A real food for thought there… I think it boils down to personality. Altucher may be a mad genius hedge fund manager, writer, computer programmer, business developer, chess enthusiast, media personality, etc. That lends to making extreme, dangerous choices in trading. I agree with him that there are so many unknown, invisible forces in the trading world, some of which are beyond our control and totally manipulated by the powers that be.

Like that time one of my trades was halted by the stock exchange because the stock was too volatile. I lost a big chunk there. One moment of misjudgement can wipe out many moments of effort.

I still think day trading casually is a good way to make money only if greed and emotion are checked. That there are unknowns is absolutely true. Ironically keeping risk and losses small is the fastest way to a grow an account. It hurts, but it still leaves trading capital to work with. And those were pretty extreme moves. Of course worse could happen, and I know that. Or spending years in an investment with having extracted nothing. But since I withdraw my profits every month, even if I did lose it all, I have already made way more than I could lose.

If I every did lose my account, maybe I would take a bit of time off, but I would do it again. I guess one difference between some traders and myself is that I never did it to get rich.

I do it because I like it. There is no lure to growing my account as big I can, or gambling. I simply enjoy trading and try to find good ways to do it. As you said, it does come down to personality, at least partially. I am in a good spot though. I glanced through the article and even somewhat agree with most of it. I am very open about the success rate in day trading being very low posted right near the top of this article. And yes, it is a zero sum game, so if I am making money someone else is losing.

Once I was introduced to trading, there was no other option. It had to be done. My mission was to trade, and 11 years later I have zero regrets. We need both voices so people can hear both sides and come to their own conclusion. All I can do is share what I have learnt and hopefully help a few people along the way…who also loving trading, and who are going to do it no matter what anyone says.

Personally, I think it comes down to personality — he is somewhat manic if you read his books. The man does not moderate. But he makes excellent points and tells the truth also.

Find stocks to day trade in one of three ways: Day Trading Stocks Between 9: First, the price must shoot either up or down, showing a clear bias in direction.

If the price seesaws back and forth, move on to another stock on your list. We want a sharp price move at or just after the open sometimes it may take a few minutes. If the stock went down initially from the open, we only consider a short sell if the pullback that follows consolidates below the open price, then breaks that consolidation to the downside. The chart below is more of an advanced example.

You have to look at the overall price action to see that the direction bias is still down even though the price bounced above the prior short-term swing high on the second trade.

Sometimes it will drop below the open. In this case, we now view the direction bias as down, and we wait for a pullback higher to consolidate below the high of the initial wave. We go short if the price breaks to the downside of that consolidation. If going long, you may but not required place a target at or slightly above the highest price seen after the open. If going short you may but not required place a target at or slightly below the lowest price seen after the open.

Risk — Based on the entry, stop loss and target price, your potential reward should always be at least 1. If the reward is less than 1. Since these volatile stocks move so quickly, and change direction in a split second, you want to be in these stocks only for the good time, not a long time.

So what is a signal to get out? Just get out as soon as the price stops moving or the price moves against you. Factoring in the Pre-Market: Only factor in pre-market moves if there is significant volume.

If there are very few transactions in the pre-market, then disregard it from your analysis. If the trend is down, only consider a short trade if the price made a lower swing low, pulls back, and consolidates below the prior swing high. Instead, we get a little pullback near For shorts, it goes two cents above the consolidation high. This ratio should be at least 1. The price would have to move beyond the prior low to fill the target, and I prefer not just assuming that will happen.

You May Also Like. What is your opinion on that? But what do I know. Hi Cory, Amazing blog! Cory, I have a few challenging questions. Thanks for any insight, oh wise one! Hi Steve, CFDs are fine but consider the commissions and the usually larger spreads on CFDs compared to the actual stock…this could make the day trading strategy less viable. Thanks for your time! OR Yesterday, I entered on a pullback.

Thanks for the feedback. The forex eBook will be getting an overhaul this year. Here are my initial thoughts: May want to start there, and then hopefully someone else has some insight as well. You can use either, but the ramifications are different. A wash sale occurs when you sell or trade stock or securities at a loss and within 30 days before or after the sale you: Buy substantially identical stock or securities, Acquire substantially identical stock or securities in a fully taxable trade, Acquire a contract or option to buy substantially identical stock or securities, or Acquire substantially identical stock for your individual retirement account IRA or Roth IRA.

Hi Cory, Just wanna know which stock broker do you use? Cory, Thank you for this post. Thanks for your help. Cory, Thank you for your prompt response. Cory, Thank you again for your prompt response. Your feedback really helps. No, if you hold positions overnight, the PDT rules do not apply. You are swing trading.

Thank you for your great information. Hi Adam, Good job. A few of my thoughts on that. Yup it's earnings season once again. Options traders are gearing up for a busy season. Which names do you think will dominate your options trading this season? Bullish stupid in Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.

Risk reversal in Interpublic Group of Companies Inc. Options question of the week: Call love in D. Options during earnings season can be challenging. Some live for it while others avoid it. Do you hold options positions through earnings announcements?

If so, what is your approach? Or is it all too risky? Traders generally fade vlatility going into holidays today notwithstanding. What's your favorite vehicle when you want to wager on the dark side of volatility? Short-term or Long-term - that's up to you. Another options question of the week: Trading options during earnings season can be challenging.

VIX ends near the top of the range. It was up to The numbers are out: Assuming Options were listed, what trade would you make? WTH is happening in North Korea? VIX responds in kind.

Canadian revenge tariff are on the docket today. VIX cash sits above It's SPX's year anniversary. July 4 calls in Limelight Networks, Inc. Traders generally fade volatility going into holidays today notwithstanding. Trump's trade war spooks the market. Bitcoin manipulation via tether. Who out there is trading or interested in Crypto? What are you trading? Options question of the week. Let's have some fun. These "entertainment" stocks are pricing in big moves.

Gun to your head: Which July ATM straddle would you rather own in your portfolio? Trump trade war spooks markets again. We are fully into zone two. Will vol explode, or is it just a bunch of nothing?

Will this be another year of record volume? Which exchange is dominating the flow so far? TSLA takes a drubbing. Returning to the Rent-A-Center trade from Tuesday. SBUX closing some locations. Managing risk comes before sentiment. Going from a diagonal spread into a put spread. What are we watching for the near future? Making up for lost ground. Silver give up gains on tarriff talks. New low in the July VIX futures. Square up for no discernible reason. Fifty cent is back. Why are there so few market makers left?

IL Rep takes it on. Where should regulators focus their attention? Last week's question of the week: Gun to your head, which ATM straddle would you reather buy? This week's question of the week: Chaos, hilarity, and options discussion ensued.

GoogleTrends is full of interesting, and surprising, data. When you analyze the "options" search data you uncover some surprising results. Which brings us to this week's question: Which "subregion" is currently ranked 1 for overall "options" interest by Google?

Google Trends is full of interesting, and surprising, data. Which "subregion" is currently ranked one for overall "options" interest by Google? Let's stick with our Volatility theme to round out the week.

Quite simply - which product do you think has the highest day implied Volatility? No cheating or checking with your broker! What does your gut tell you? Trade wars are back on the table. Holiday Weekends are notoriously tough for VIX traders. The markets love to crush Volatility going into these events. Which product do you think has the highest day implied Volatility? If you are interested in what the Federal Reserve has to say or has been saying, this is the week for you.

Not only are the notes from the last meeting going to be released on Wednesday, several Fed presidents will be talking this week including three on Monday and on Friday. Call palooza in PayPal Holdings Inc. But, at the end of the day, we all want more tradeable products. Which derivatives product would you like to see next in the Crypto space? Bitcoin Ether Ripple LightCoin. More Jan 50? Line in the sand puts in HP Inc. Call trade in Nabors Industries Ltd. VIX is back in the mid-teens but the Volatility space is hotter than ever.

This is breathing new life into old Volatility products as they try to elbow their way into the VIX spotlight. Which do you think has the best chance of hitting it big with traders?

Bullish paper opening in Coty Inc. President Donald Trump is set to unleash a cascade of stock-market anxiety - The day of reckoning for the Wall Street is here. McDonalds MCD earnings today. How do you play earnings using options? Are you an Earnings Jedi or Sith? Which company will outperform their earnings straddle by the largest margin? Jan 50 "catastrophe" puts in Tesla Motors Inc. Uncle Mike Tosaw discusses ways in which to look at covered calls in a channeling market.

Line in the sand puts in L Brands Inc. Line in the sand puts in Dicks Sporting Goods Inc. We dig up many strange options positions at the Options Insider. Some seem credible while others are just head scratching.

Which of the following open options positions do you think has the best chance of actually becoming a winner? Gold vol is very low. Metals get the crap kicked out of them.

Calls trade in D. VIX is back in the mid-teens. Are you buying this Volatility reprieve or is this merely calm before the storm? Quite simply - Where do you think VIX will end the week? Options Exchanges to Is this a good thing for the options market? Is it the straw that finally breaks the camel's back? Or are you too busy getting great fills to care?

Andrew wants to let it all out. SVXY makes him angry. Will tech earnings produce a higher SPX? We are up to 16 exchanges now.

Call spread in Alcoa Corp AA. So many recent Options listings started off hot then suddenly cooled so we have to ask - which hot recent IPO will you be slinging Options on in ? ETrade rallied a bit after earnings, but still a meh. The more exchanges the better? Silver is moving again.

Will the maket move back above ? Sebas is more bullish than Tosaw. So many recent Options listings started off hot then suddenly cooled. So we have to ask - which hot recent IPO will you still be slinging Options on in ? Big contracts today - April 34 puts and April 40 calls. Spotify options starting on April 9. Big launch day for Dropbox with nearly 10k contracts. SPOT options start on April 9. Dropbox has a big launch day with nearly 10k contracts. Highest first quarter volume and highest first quarter for equity options on record.

Cleared futures average daily volume for quarter up six percent from Q1 The market is back in rally mode, is the trade war over? VIX off a few handles. The Facebook selloff continues. VIX is back in the 20's. Fed Meeting with New Chairman on Wednesday. It's ironic timing since Spot Trading just shut down.

Potentially changing tick sizes in VIX futures and options. Line in the sand puts in Victoria's Secret LB. Trump's trade war is spooking the market. VIX is back into the 20s. The great SVXY debacle. The numbers are in for February, and they were good surprise. Bullish call love in Salesforce CRM. There's much debate about SVXY these days.

Will it survive ? Is it poised for serious upside? We'll table those questions for now and instead ask all of you out there slinging SVXY - what is your weapon of choice? Three weeks ago out audience was evenly split on whether SVXY would survive But the recent changes to its investment objectives have us asking once more - Do you think SVXY will survive ?

We'll table those questions for now and instead ask all of you out there slinging SVXY. What is your weapon of choice? Mike Tosaw discusses the 1x2 ratio call spread. What are we looking at for the upcoming week? Is the VIX "Whistleblower" just more noise or it there some teeth this time? Volatility's awakening spurs record long position in VIX futures. It's been a rocky week for the markets. People are understandably scared and confused. That raises the question: Which product are you most concerned about over the next 30 days?

Which product would you not touch with a foot pole? How will VIX run going forward? Can we make another run at the all-time highs? One week later, how is everyone doing? SPY is back in rally mode. VIX back in the mids. It's been a wild week for CBOE. Earnings this week include APRN, before the bell tomorrow. Volatility's awakening spurs a record long position in VIX Futures.

VIX is moving like crazy today. It's already blown past 23 and is threatening You buying or selling these levels? Options question of the week, part two: Blue Apron, Under Armor. Can get get three days of up? Or a couple of days of "not up so much"? VIX is moving like crazy today day.

Dow loses over 1, points on the day. SPX opened at 2, on Jan 2. VIX cash now threatening 35! Is this the beginning of the ZombieApocalypse or a great time to sell some Volatility? EarningsSeason is upon us once again! It's time for Tech to put its best foot forward. Which big tech names are you looking to sling some options on this week?

Earnings Season is upon us once again! Size near-term put sales in NWL. Crazy move sparks crazy volume in MNKD. Size short call roll in SAN. If Options existed, how would you trade them? Assuming one-month to expiration would you? The Dow sets all-time intraday record as Senate votes to end government shutdown. In the double digits for the first time in a long while. A rough start to the year for Bitcoin. Tuesday selloff hits crypto hard.

Size bullish strangle in Kinder Morgan Inc. Which name are you looking forward to trading options on during the upcoming earnings season? Your fav not here? Choose "Other" and send it in. Best will be shared on OptionBlock. If options existed, how would you trade them?

Crude is hitting new near-term highs. Brent breaks above 70 for the first time since Kodak is now a crypto company!?

Another "easy" one to help kick off the New Year. The options industry insists that things have never been better for retail traders. Options Flash Poll, Part Deux: We need a speedbump in Options to create a "level playing field" for all participants.

Nvidia stocks rises on new of chips being used in handle processing of driverless cars. Earnings are on the horizon.

Will the SPX hit by the end of the week? Ally Invest clients are talking about options as protection. Momentum is ridiculous going into earnings. Our final options question of the week for was an easy one. Have a suggestion of your own? We encourage you to choose "Other" and send in your thoughts. We'll share the interesting ones on the network. Will there be a sell-off in Q1? Review of the last trading day of the year. VIX barely holding on to double digits. Big meh into the end of the year.

Silver is on a tear. The highs and lows of Bitcoin. Cboe announces six Bitcoin ETFs. Uncle Mike creates a new product Final Options Question of the Week for Will the outlier trends continue? Andrew brings us down with debt talk. What would it take for volatility to return to normal? Looking back on The year without volatility.

Size call party in First Data Corp. Now it's a party! When will we be able to trade options on these futures?

Are you interested in the new Bitcoin futures, except you hate futures? Maybe an ETF is more your speed? JPMorgan is lighting up Twitter. It's one of the bank's best ideas for A lot of div plays lighting up the tape today. CME Bitcoin futures are live! Volume a little lighter in XBT now. Taleb is not a fan of Bitcoin - at least not without options. Petterrfy also hates Bitcoin - but it didn't stop him from buying ads on the futures.

This week's Options Break: What did you think? Options Question of the Week: Volume is a little lighter in XBT now. Taleb is not a fan of Bitcoin, at least not without options. Apparently Bitcoin is destroying the world. Everyone's caught Bitcoin fever these days. The first "real" futures launched at CBOE. Our question is simple - are you going to trade them this week? Closing upside calls in Symantec Corp.

Options during earnings is a coin flip. But you know you love to do it. What's your earnings options MO? We are living in the Bitcoin futures world. Total volume Sunday overnight was a reported 3, contracts, with nearly 20 trading firms actively participating. The first "real" futures launched today on CBOE. More Jan 50 "catastrophe" puts in Tesla Motors Inc. Put-palooza in GameStop Corp. Cheapie call roll in Glu Mobile Inc. The war for Bitcoin derivatives is heating up again. Nasdaq also announced futures with a planned Q2 launch.

With so many choices-How will you trade Bitcoin in ? Someone has the gall to downgrade Tesla, but the stock still rallies. It was the highest November ever for options volume. Jan 50 "Catastrophe" puts in Tesla Motors Inc. Puts trade in Amgen, Inc. The war for Bitcoin Derivatives is heating up again. GOP tax plan passes the Senate. Weird backwards post-earnings roll in L Brands Inc. How do you think you'll be trading Bitcoin in ? Dow sets new record by hitting 24, and SPX hits 2, This was the fifth 1,point milestone for the Dow this year, first hitting 20, on Jan.

The market is still in rally mode, awaiting tax deal. North Korea unable to spook the market. More Jan 50 "Catastrophe" puts on the tape yesterday - OI breaks 30k.

Near-term Dec call love in Caesars Entertainment Corp. SPY always dominates the options volume charts. But what do you think people are actually trading in SPY?

Looks like QCOM activity is actually a dividend play. Light on earnings this week. Goldman execs cash out decade-old options just days before they expire. No cheating or checking with your broker - use your grey matter and your "gut" to pick the right one. We are not letting the Thanksgiving holiday get in the way of you getting your Option Block fix on. What are the uses for binary options? Binaries as a way to trade options. VIX coming back to life.

House passes tax reform, will congress unify behind a single plan? Uncle Mike speculates on winter weather and resulting oil demand. There is still earnings on the horizon, including: Put-palooza in Time Warner Inc. Will option vol come down? Are people going to take the money and run? Are we heading for more carnage? Putin says he didn't do anything to the election. Catastrophe puts in Tesla Motors Inc.

Size put roll in SEAS. Uncle Mike is looking at oil and financials. Sebas is wondering what will happen on Tuesday. Trading Options during Earnings is a coin flip. What's your Earnings Options MO? How many tax brackets? High-yield bond charts look ugly.

RCM webinar on Wednesday, November 8th, Options tracker in Tesla Inc. This season's theme "Buy Premium"! Under Armor before the bell tomorrow. Pre-earnings put-palooza in Under Armor Inc.

Reviewing what's happening post-earnings. Is North Korea testing hydrogen bombs? After-hours options trading would have been fun this week.

Calls trade in Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. The question now - what is the best way to make it happen? Massive closing paper in Norfolk Southern Corp. Size upside love in Comcast Corp. Everything macro and the lack of reactions to everything macro. Earnings are coming up. Apple continues to rally. Puts trade in GameStop Inc. In BrokerMadness spirit, lets bring the fight to exchanges.

What is your fav? Where do you send your business? Everyone's got electric cars on the brain. How are you playing the shift to electric in your Options trading? A quick overview of our live show from last week. A quick summary of the TSLA "catastrophe" puts.

Will we have five straight days of VIX below 10? What is the Pro Trader Summit? VIX is back in the single digits. Memories of trading floor days. VIX is back in the double digits hitting VIX volume is exploding: Will traders take a knee too? Return of the VIX whale? VIX is back in the single digits, hitting 9. Size collar trade in Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. The listeners pick the strategy block: Uncle Mike discusses selling premium with a 9 VIX.

What shoe will drop? Equifax gives away the keys to the kingdom. One exec even cashed in his options before the public disclosure. EFX options volume up is again today.

TSLA Options tracker is back. Size call vertical in Visa Inc. How do you prep your portfolio? Well-timed, lucky or illegal? I have recently been looking at some Apple calendars. Aren't these supposed to be the same and since they are not can you arb this, especially if you do not have commission charges. Trading VIX iron condors.

Watching Tesla, just because you can't help it. Who is calling the volatility shots? As Q4 looms, where are you placing your bullish Volatility bets? Which has most Upside by end of ? Hurricane Irma puts Florida in it's crosshairs. The numbers are in: August was surprisingly strong. Earnings season is in the rearview mirror now. Upside call love in Himax Technologies, Inc. Hurricane cannon pointed at the southeast. NFL season kicks off tonight.

Tension between China and North Korea. A thin day in the market. Lululemon LULU after the bell: Will invisible yoga pants strike again? Amazon announces price cuts at Whole Foods, Hurricane Harvey bears down on oil central.

Earnings are still happening! Rolling calls in Genworth Financial Inc. Question from Salman Azhar: Are call or put diagonals better for bears. Math is same but practice? ULTA pared off the earlier selloff. What's happening in Jackson Hole? GoFundMe to buy Twitter. The eclipse hits the U. Steve Bannon gone from the White House. Which Options are you looking forward to trading this week? Donald Trump sympathizes with Confederate statues. A look at George Soros options positions.

Puts trade in Urban Outfitters Inc. Is this the end of low Volatility? Or a temporary blip? Which Options Exchange or group has carved out the largest piece of the Options market so far in ?

Uncle Mike Tosaw discusses what happens when low volatility gets higher in the course of just one day. BOX Options is opening a new trading floor. What do you think of the planned launch of cash-settled Bitcoin futures later this year? Scaramucci Maybe 2-week options should be called Scaramuccis? Comment from Tim A. What about a box? Often on segments like the odd block or similar segments on your other shows you talk about someone going bullish or bearish on certain contracts.

For example let's take the Tesla way OTM puts you have mentioned. You talk about someone wanting to be long those catastrophic Tesla puts, but for each trade there is some party taking the other side. Since there is always another party in these trades why isn't it the inverse analysis - in this case for example that someone really wants to sell way OTM TSLA puts? Bezos surpassed Gates ever-so briefly as richest man in the world.

Then there was a selloff. Are you a buyer or a seller? Earnings season is back! TSLA options tracker - "catastrophe" puts hit the tape today, 20 more Jan 20 puts also trade today. A double strategy today! A put roll down trade in silver and a modified collar trade in XLF. Aug 8 calls top the charts so far. Listener Question from Darqane: Assigned on short SPX puts means getting long the underlying?

But how does that work if it is cash settled? A plan for new trading pit triggers a feud in the U. Puts roll in L Brands Inc. LB Puts trade in Gap Inc. Welcome to our th episode. Today's special panel includes: It's all strategy in this abridged episode of the Option Block. Today, uncle Mike discusses what you an do when you're not connected to your computer, including:.

Everyone is talking about Bitcoin Volatility these days. Where do you stand on Bitcoin after last weeks aggressive downturn? Let's get back to basics. What's your fav way to go long? Taking the weekend out of the market. Biotech and the effect of the AHCA bill.

Crude and the energy section taking it on the chin. PAA call spreads trade in Praxair, Inc. Did we turn a corner? Do we have a lack of shellac? Everyone wants to be everything. Where do you stand on Bitcoin after last week's aggressive downturn? The Federal Reserve announced a quarter-point rate hike Wednesday as expected. The market keeps shrugging off news about Trump.

The news deluge, with its quasi facts, is making people numb. But recent events have us asking again: What is up with VIX today? How low should VIX go? Are you in the Goldman camp or the Barclay's camp?

Gaming segment hot today. Big news out of the E3 show. Comey talks before the Senate - the markets shrug. VIX still in double digits, barely. Mike discusses the importance of having different strategies for different underlying, in similar scenarios. Why buy these puts? Comey swing and miss. Will we make a new all-time high? Fed news conference next Wednesday. The VIX is back to flirting with its lowest levels ever. Keep an eye on APPL. The World Wide Developer Conference begins this week.

Calls trade in Cenovus Energy Inc. Do we need to bring back mini options with all of these high-priced stocks? The crude rally continues. Guess what the number one position in Tesla is right now?

How would you trade? Question from GuruHawk -How do you know the shares were purchased as well? I see the volume on the option But to know workings of intent? What is going on in the June 16 SPY contract? Market reaction to the decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. How low can VIX go? Calls trade in Pandora Media Inc. Options Question Of The Week: There are still a lot of big names reporting in earnings season. Which ones are on your options watchlist this week?

A bull rally in the market. Still a lot of big names reporting in earnings season. This volatility implosion is starting to make people nervous. How Low Can It Go in ? VIX near the single digits at the 10 handle. Is the VIX too low? Tesla, Facebook, Disney and EA. These are crazy times for all markets from commodities to equities and volatility. Which crazy level will we hit first? The Trumpcare bill and French election, how might they affect vol? Thank you to Steve A for the fan art!

Do you trade options on cheap stocks? Looking ahead to AAPL earnings. Wonderful is loving AAPL right now.

Quarterly earnings continue to roll with one of the biggest names of the season set to announce Tuesday after the close. Technology giant Apple Inc. In addition, there are other big names announcing as well including Tesla Motors and Pfizer. Calls trade in Applied Optoelectronics Inc. GGP , puts trade in Excelon Corp. Glad to ask a? Yeah, I got assigned 2 of 3 my put spread..

Seeing the large margin number was not pleasant.. Call spread selling in Thor Industries Inc. Today we have very special guest co-hosts: Question from AndersonInvesting - New to options. I use TD Ameritrade but currently I do not like it for options. I was looking at Charles Schwab. Any recommendations for an options newbie? Also looking at AMD puts to protect gains averaged in at Earnings date has been announced for May 1st. The year anniversary of the vote to join WWI.

VIX pops after Syrian attack. New week highs new highs today: LULU craps the bed. Stock market climbs after economic data, with banks in lead. Tesla produces more PR noise. Vol skew gets dumped. Should technical analysis be applied to VIX? Stock-market fear threatens a return, as Dow stares at longest losing streak in 6 years.

Options BrokerMadness tournament going on now. Comment from VoiceOfReason1 -Options seems far too complicated - too much thinking involved. I follow the penny stock community - they are usually dead accurate. Why the bull run will stay in great shape even as the health bill troubles traders.

What's your Zombie weapon of choice? The stock market slipped following Fed rate-hike rally, declining in oil prices.