Acquire loot and build up your heroes through main story missions, unique side quests and random bounties. This article is about the agency.


Passive abilities, consumables, healing, and killing all affect Aggro. With progression tied to loot, no heroes are left behind.

Swap equipment around and bring heroes anywhere without worry of underleveling. Choose which hero activates on an initiative turn to maximize each hero's potential. Quests take heroes on journeys across multiple locations. Divide and conquer by splitting the party to accomplish objectives in different areas.

Adventuring in Turn Based Strategy. Enemy Creation and Activation. Balance of strategy and chance In Super Dungeon Tactics, chance may influence short term decisions but never gets in the way of your overall strategy. Round Boosts Acquire loot and build up your heroes through main story missions, unique side quests and random bounties. Aggro management system Influence who the enemy attacks. The first series premiering with a first issue cover dated June It details the secret history of the occult organization S.

The series is written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Dustin Weaver. It was superseded by Agents of S. Howling Commandos of S. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the organization's creation, Marvel in released five one-shots each focusing on different aspects of S. Usually led by Nick Fury as executive director although he reports to a twelve-member council, whose identities even he does not know , this organization often operates as much as a covert agency as a quasi-military one, initially depicted as affiliated with the United States government.

General Assembly Resolutions and legislation passed in signatory nations aiding many of their operations. First, the supervillain Scorpio stole the technology and used it to create the second team of villains called the Zodiac.

This led to the disbanding of the original organization and its replacement by a new task force with the same acronym under the control of the U. In the wake of a disastrous unauthorized mission in Latveria , Fury effectively resigned as executive director, with international warrants out for his arrest. His first successor was not one of his closer associates but a relatively unknown newcomer to the S. A transcript of a conversation between Hill and the President of the United States [18] revealed she was chosen for the post by United Nations consensus to keep Fury loyalists out of the job and to keep relations with the superhero community to a minimum.

The passage of the United States' Superhuman Registration Act and the subsequent superhero "Civil War" created an additional political and ethical irritant between S. Toward the end of the conflict, Hill concluded she had been made director with the intent that she fail at the job, and she proposes to Tony Stark that he assume the post himself, with her as deputy.

While accused of treating S. At the start of the Secret Invasion by the extraterrestrial shape-shifting race the Skrulls , the Helicarrier is disabled by a Skrull virus and left floating and disabled in the Bermuda Triangle. Osborn uses the opportunity to transform S. After the Invasion, Fury discovers that S. After the conclusion of the Secret Warriors ongoing series, S. Using technology derived from the Cosmic Cube called Kobik, S.

Over the decades, various writers have depicted S. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe first edition describes an eight-level ranking structure technician, administrator, field agent, regional officer, special officer, regional director, special director, executive director , although providing almost no detail on other aspects of the Directorate's internal makeup. Years later, the miniseries Agents of Atlas mentioned a position of "sub director", and seemed to indicate that the administrative department of S.

At one point the organization attempted to set up a team of superhuman agents, composed of Marvel Man the future Quasar , Texas Twister , Blue Streak and the Vamp but the latter two were secretly agents of the criminal organization The Corporation , and the team broke apart before it had its first official mission. A second team organized years later also lasted only a short while. It has also accepted some superheroes and supervillains as members, but not in a separate unit.

Its headquarters is the Helicarrier , a massive flying aircraft carrier kept airborne at all times and, among other things, containing a squadron of jet fighters and housing an intercontinental ballistic missile ICBM. In the s, depictions of S. The security-clearance hierarchy operates on a scale ranging from "Level One", the lowest, to "Level Ten", described by Maria Hill, executive director at the time, as the highest security clearance anyone of any government can have.

Hill's own clearance, cited in the New Avengers ongoing series, was Level Eight. Throughout its existence, S. She voluntarily stepped down in a story, becoming deputy director to Tony Stark. Prior to the events of the Civil War , Captain America estimated there to be 3, agents on active duty. Although the various Helicarriers built over the years have long been considered S.

Central" in New York City. While some of these bases are publicly accessible on a limited basis, most are not publicly disclosed for reasons of planetary security. There are several fully equipped S. He also divulged the location of one to Captain America, so the Resistance to the Superhuman Registration Act could use it as a safe house. Van Lente stated that A. They were able to keep out of Osborn's clutches when their newest agent, Lyra downloaded incriminating evidence against him.

That is one of the many things on your 'To Do' list". Osborn also eliminates all of Tony Stark's influence on S. Also, in the Captain America: Reborn Prelude, when Sin , who is captured by H. R, asks what it stands for, the agent present says that it's classified and she does not have security clearance. In the pages of Avengers World , S. It was created by the Chinese government to be on the same level as S. Falcon first encountered S. Disbanded after being infiltrated and taken over by a criminal organization, one of its members was the future X-Man Psylocke.

S upreme H eadquarters A llied P owers E urope council. It is first introduced in Astonishing X-Men vol. Dialogue in the stories depicting both organizations has been ambiguous on whether S. Agent Abigail Brand , the S. This unusual characteristic did not go unremarked; Wolverine referred to her as "Hydra-Hair" in Astonishing X-Men vol. A similar group as S.

D that specializes in matters relating to magic. It is directed by Pandora Peters. First appearing in Thunderbolts Annual Vol. They first appeared in Bruce Wayne Agent of S. Both founders later trained and recruited Bruce Wayne into their ranks, who would become the new director of S.

In an alternate reality where mutants rule over humans, S. Sebastian Shaw is the Executive Director of S. After Ross stepped down and retired, Nick Fury was then selected as the organization's executive director. This failed and resulted in the creation of the Hulk when Banner injected his serum into himself. It was later revealed that the chemical called Oz, which turned Norman Osborn into the Green Goblin , was also created in hopes of recreating the Super Soldier formula.

Spider-Man was also a product of the Oz formula. Also, the creation of the supervillains Sandman and Electro are due to Hammer Industries attempting to recreate the Super Soldier formula for S. In Ultimate X-Men 65 Jan. After the events of Ultimate Power , S. It is also revealed he is plotting to take back his position as director. Spider-Man , Ultimate Comics: X-Men , and Ultimate Comics: In the Ultimate Marvel universe, S.

Introduced in Marvel's line of novels in the mids, S. Rampage Doom's Day Book 1 , and may not be part of comics canon, although the novels it appears in have been referred to several times in Marvel's Handbooks.

It is run by Colonel Sean Morgan. A prominently featured agent is Joshua Ballard, who, among other things, survived an encounter with Doctor Doom and later Baron Zemo. In the novel Secret of the Sinister Six , S. It is a parody of S. The leader of H. This series depicts H. Occasionally, these translations will show S. In the case of selected French editions, the name of the agency was depicted as S. In Finnish the name that applies to S.

Ylimmäisen Päämajan Kansainvälisen Vakoilun Vastustamisjaos , a direct translation of the original English. In translations of the Ultimate Marvel comics, the name is K.