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Both government and private payments are included in the calculation. It is called the current account because goods and services are generally consumed in the current period. The current account is an important indicator of an economy's health. It is defined as the sum of the balance of trade goods and services exports minus imports , net income from abroad, and net current transfers. A positive current account balance indicates the nation is a net lender to the rest of the world, while a negative current account balance indicates that it is a net borrower from the rest of the world.

A current account surplus increases a nation's net foreign assets by the amount of the surplus, and a current account deficit decreases it by that amount. A country's balance of trade is the net or difference between the country's exports of goods and services and its imports of goods and services, excluding all financial transfers, investments and other components, over a given period of time.

A country is said to have a trade surplus if its exports exceed its imports, and a trade deficit if its imports exceed its exports. Positive net sales abroad generally contribute to a current account surplus ; negative net sales abroad generally contribute to a current account deficit.

Because exports generate positive net sales, and because the trade balance is typically the largest component of the current account, a current account surplus is usually associated with positive net exports. In the net factor income or income account, income payments are outflows, and income receipts are inflows. Income are receipts from investments made abroad note: If the income account is negative, the country is paying more than it is taking in interest, dividends, etc.

The various subcategories in the income account are linked to specific respective subcategories in the capital account, as income is often composed of factor payments from the ownership of capital assets or the negative capital debts abroad.

From the capital account, economists and central banks determine implied rates of return on the different types of capital. The United States, for example, gleans a substantially larger rate of return from foreign capital than foreigners do from owning United States capital.

In the traditional accounting of balance of payments, the current account equals the change in net foreign assets.

A current account deficit implies a reduction of net foreign assets:. On the other hand, if an economy is running a current account surplus it is absorbing less than that it is producing. This means it is saving. As the economy is open, this saving is being invested abroad and thus foreign assets are being created. Normally, the current account is calculated by adding up the 4 components of current account: Where CA is the current account, X and M are respectively the export and import of goods and services, NY the net income from abroad, and NCT the net current transfers.

Since the trade balance exports minus imports is generally the biggest determinant of the current account surplus or deficit, the current account balance often displays a cyclical trend. During a strong economic expansion, import volumes typically surge; if exports are unable to grow at the same rate, the current account deficit will widen. Conversely, during a recession, the current account deficit will shrink if imports decline and exports increase to stronger economies.

The currency exchange rate exerts a significant influence on the trade balance, and by extension, on the current account. An overvalued currency makes imports cheaper and exports less competitive, thereby widening the current account deficit or narrowing the surplus. An undervalued currency, on the other hand, boosts exports and makes imports more expensive, thus increasing the current account surplus or narrowing the deficit.

Nations with chronic current account deficits often come under increased investor scrutiny during periods of heightened uncertainty. The currencies of such nations often come under speculative attack during such times.

This creates a vicious circle where precious foreign exchange reserves are depleted to support the domestic currency, and this forex reserve depletion — combined with a deteriorating trade balance — puts further pressure on the currency.