Guild Wars 2

Burning Retreat: This skill can now only damage an enemy once per second. The damage of this skill has been increased by %. Burning duration has been increased from 1 second to 2 seconds.

Guardian This profession is hell-bent on protecting his mates, and he does it through causing pain to his enemies as well as warding his allies. In addition, players can check out the Jahai Bluffs map, the Xiuquatl legendary scepter and the Mythwright Gambit raid.

A Star To Guide Us

Parallèlement, de nombreux guides sur le jeu vous aideront à tirer le meilleur de votre expérience Guild Wars 2, que cela soit pour l'équipement, les donjons ou les stratégies en McM. Du contenu exclusif est régulièrement proposé, enrichissant un contenu rédactionnel de plus en plus généreux.

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