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Other well-wishers in my life recognized me as an entrepreneur and encouraged me to pursue my passion toward changing the way businesses use insights. The formula combines a variety of healing herbs for greater, synergistic effectiveness and is applied in delivery systems that maximize usage. Our final, ongoing challenge is to add enough students at the right student acquisition cost so that the business will scale.

Approach to Building Value

2U, Inc. is a money-losing education technology provider that partners with universities to market and manage online graduate degree and short course programs.

It was marketed at a fractional cost of the innovator drug, which benefitted thousands of non-small cell lung cancer and pancreatic cancer patients. Affairs attended the event and received the award on behalf of the Company from the hands of the Rt. It also announced an aggregate consolidated net revenues of Rs. Although this is a decrease of about Click here to view Invitation. Click her for a PDF with more information. This includes two exceptional items:. The profits, after tax, on a consolidated basis, was recorded as Rs.

Sofosbuvir is a medicine used for chronic hepatitis C infection and sold globally by Gilead Sciences, Inc. Natco had recently signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Gilead Sciences, to manufacture and sell generic versions of its chronic hepatitis C medicines in 91 developing countries. Natco is partnered with Alvogen in the USA for marketing of this product.

The denial was issued on March 9, , in the case of Gilead Sciences, Inc. Natco Pharma Limited et al, No. The case remains pending in the District of New Jersey where the validity of U.

This agreement allows Natco to expand access to these chronic hepatitis C medicines in 91 developing countries. Under the license, Natco can set its own price for the generic products it produces, paying a royalty on sales to Gilead to support product registrations, medical education and training, safety monitoring and other essential business activities.

Natco and its marketing partner believe that they are the first to have filed a substantially complete ANDA containing a Paragraph IV certification for this product and expects to be eligible for days of marketing exclusivity upon receiving final FDA approval. The net profit, after tax, on a consolidated basis, before exceptional item was Rs. There was a one-time exceptional charge of Rs. As a result, the net profit, after tax, on a consolidated basis, was Rs. Novartis sells Fingolimod 0.

The net profit, after tax, on a consolidated basis, improved to Rs. Click here to view Intimation. Natco and Breckenridge have entered into a settlement regarding the ANDA with Cephalon, the terms of which are confidential. The Facility was classified as acceptable. The Company has made proposed commitments and corrective actions based on the minor and routine observations during inspection. We continue to manufacture and sell products in the US.

We strongly deny all adverse speculations against the Company. Novartis AG sells Everolimus 0. The Nexavar issue dates back to March 9, , when the then Controller General of Patents issued the first-ever CL to the Company to manufacture an affordable generic version of sorafenib tosylate, the anti-cancer drug for which Bayer had obtained a patent. The net profit after tax for the quarter ended 31st March, was Rs. The Company had earned a profit after tax of Rs.

Natco and Breckenridge believe that the ANDA was filed on the first-to-file date, providing days of exclusivity. Natco Pharma Limited et al, In it, Circuit Judges Chen and Prost agreed with Natco and Alvogen that the earlier expiring Orange Book listed patent qualifies as an obviousness-type double patenting reference for the later expiring Orange Book listed patent.

The case has been remanded to the District court of New Jersey where Natco and Alvogen will continue to challenge the validity of U. Natco today issues a clarification with regard to launch of generic Copaxone. Natco confirms the final decision as to when or whether and pricing of generic Copaxone is launched in the US rests with its Partner Mylan.

Natco remains committed and working to take steps and deploy the necessary resources to ensure that a quality generic US FDA approved Copaxone is made available to patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis upon market formation. The Stock Exchange will be duly informed whenever such a decision is made in the future. We continue to believe that the sole Indian process patent is invalid, as reinforced by the outcomes of numerous other legal proceedings.

We also are pursuing other challenges against this patent. The hearing on this petition has been set for 5 March Further, the Indian Patent Office refused to grant two additional patent applications, which would have covered the copolymer-1 product. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit last July. Aggregate revenues went up to Rs.

On a consolidated basis, the revenues for the quarter went up to Rs. The Board has recommended payment of an interim dividend of Rs. For the quarter ended 30th September, , on a consolidated revenue base of Rs. The growth has been driven by value-added formulation exports during the quarter.

Click here to view EGM Notification. Revenues for the quarter ended on 30th June, , as against Rs. API exports and finished dosage pharmaceutical formulations exports continue to drive the growth. The Company has already commenced shipments of the product, which is being launched by its marketing partner — Breckenridge Pharmaceuticals.

Rizatriptan is used to treat migraine headaches with or without aura warning signs that occur prior to the onset of a migraine headache.

The net profit after tax for the quarter ended 31st March, was The profit would have been higher, but for an additional non-cash deferred tax liability of Rs. The Board has also recommended payment of an interim dividend of Rs.

The increase in revenues was driven by API and formulation exports. The Company has recorded a consolidated revenue base of Rs. The profit after tax at Rs. The growth in revenues and profitability was driven by increased sales of APIs and exports of finished dosage pharmaceutical formulations. For the half-year ended on 30th September, , the consolidated revenues stood at Rs. The profit after tax for the half year stood at Rs. Thirty five year old Rajeev has many accomplishments to his credit.

Rajeev has been instrumental in helping the company evolve business strategies that ultimately resulted in NATCO becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the Indian Pharma space. This strategy has paid off and today NATCO has several para IV and firstto-file opportunities ready and the company is in a position to encash multi-Billion marketing opportunities. Rajeev would be incharge of all day-to-day operations of the Company and would oversee all functional areas.

The Board met at Hyderabad today and approved the accounts. The Company has recorded aggregate revenues of Rs. Natco Pharma Limited has bagged the award under stiff competition which shows and proves its commitment to the Corporate Social Responsibility. Nexavar owned by Bayer Corporation. Nexavar is the first-line treatment for liver and kidney cancer. The license is valid till the expiry of the patent — The order also makes it obligatory for NATCO to supply the drug free of cost to at least needy and deserving patients per year.

NATCO welcomes this order and opines that this opens up a new avenue of availability of life savings drugs at an affordable price to the suffering masses in India. Find More Posts by sistm6. Does anyone use quantum cabos or bocas any input on them would be great been looking at them for a while now?

Send a private message to Team Find More Posts by Team Originally Posted by Team Originally Posted by NCbankrolla. Send a private message to back at it. Find More Posts by back at it. Originally Posted by ZaneD. Send a private message to cavalier. Find More Posts by cavalier. Originally Posted by back at it. I have both and like them.

The boca is a little pricier but has a sweet drag system. Been using both for about seven years without a hiccup. Just bought 2 they are on sale at cabelas for for the 80 series thanks for the input. Send a private message to polcat Find More Posts by polcat Send a private message to nbr.

Find More Posts by nbr. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Add a Poll to this Thread. MRCY provides sensor and safety critical mission processing subsystems for various defense and intelligence programs in the United States. Mercury appears to be caught in the perfect storm of slowing growth, rising costs and debt.

Free cash flow is now trending down over the last 12 months. Mercury changed its financial presentation to bolster gross margins, while guidance for gross margins has quietly been talked down. Mercury announced the purchase of Themis Computer on Dec 21, four days ahead of Christmas. It paid a rich Consistent with prior practice, we expect Mercury to issue stock to pay down its line of credit, which at the current share price, amounts to 4m new shares Mercury added one sentence to its latest K to disclose it expects to lose its Small Business status in FY , a factor that will cause a Material Adverse Effect by disqualifying it from certain business opportunities and increasing costs of compliance.

Globant does not even provide investors regular cash flow statement reporting. Globant does not appear to generate recurring cash flow from outsourcing technology services. Rather, it generates cash from trading investment securities. Evidence of Accounting Games: Globant lacks consistency with adjustments and add-backs, and even tries to convince investors to ignore depreciation and amortization expense when presenting its adjusted results.

We have found instances where the same category of expenses are not treated uniformly in its reconciliation of Adjusted Net Income; Globant makes the adjustment when it is favorable to add back the one-time item and ignores the adjustment when it is unfavorable. The financials have been published three times 4Q16 press release, FY16 20F, and the 4Q17 press release and we identify changes in each subsequent release.

We also found potential evidence of manipulation in quarterly earnings to meet consensus expectations. Insiders Selling Is Staggering: Globant chooses to file paper forms with the SEC via Form s. Ironically, since the Luxembourg dual listing in August of , Globant now files insider selling transactions electronically with the Luxembourg stock exchange. We find it peculiar that Globant now files insider selling transactions electronically with the Luxembourg exchange and does not follow that same protocol with the SEC.

Further, the four founders all set up both revocable and irrevocable trusts. All four founders in aggregate transferred over 3. We believe that this transfer was done quietly with the potential motivation to allow for further insider selling Corporate Strategy Initiatives Are Not Showing Signs of Progress: In , Globant introduced a new company wide model called Squared.

We took a close look at its top 5 clients. After failing to execute on these opportunities, Kratos is now promoting its billion dollar opportunities in unmanned systems drones in the hopes of finally turning the corner to sustain profits and free cash flow, both of which have been forever illusive for shareholders Warning About Management History Associated With Past Scandal: Titan was a tainted defense contractor that in paid the largest fine in history at the time to settle criminal and civil charges that it violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Lockheed Martin aborted a takeover of Titan Corp after conducting its due diligence on this matter. According to shareholder lawsuit documents, Titan engaged in a scheme to inflate revenues and book fictitious receivables. The litigation says confidential witnesses claim DeMarco knew about the corruption and DeMarco was responsible for transferring funds to Benin, the African country involved. Our analysis of its ability to hit its financial targets especially free cash flow suggests investors should brace for disappointment.

Its historical backlog definition is very aggressive, so take it with a grain of salt. Its valuation is at a multiyear high, based on the hope that this time is different. The Allure of Rising Magic Dividends: The Company is very dependent on issuing stock at inflated prices to fund its acquisitive growth strategy, keep its cost of capital low, and consistently raise its dividend. Deceptive Same Store Property Reporting: The Company disclosed its SSR growth rate of 1.

Our industry normalized definition of same store property performance suggests that that SSR declined by 0. We believe that O Realty is the next REIT that is going to be penalized for a deteriorating growth profile by investors. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that O Realty could use financial magic to embellish its performance.

We find that the audit committee is comprised of a PGA golf professional, and former executives from Wells Fargo and KPMG, two of the most scandal-ridden financial and accounting organizations in recent history. Given all the factors we have noted, it makes sense that insider ownership trends are at all-time lows, and lowest amongst its REIT peers. We conducted a deep dive into the tenant quality and find that O Realty has outsized risk exposure to drug stores, grocery stores and movie theaters — three retail subsectors facing disintermediation.

Even worse, headlines such as Amazon teaming up with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan to disrupt the healthcare business present a now tangible long-term risk that the traditional drug delivery value chain through a retail footprint could move increasing online. We believe there are currently only 36 licensed fuel cell vehicles on the road in China, only six refueling stations one is public , and limited planning being devoted to hydrogen sourcing and transportation.

Not surprisingly, there are only two scale auto manufacturers of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles today and we expect this number to grow to only six by the end of As the US property cycle peaked, Broad Ocean decided to diversify itself with the purchases of Prestolite auto electronics and Shanghai Edrive electric vehicle power trains in and , respectively. In our view, each business is mediocre and struggling from a variety of issues, resulting in organic sales to decline in aggregate. This event came after another MATW employee was sentenced to jail in Jan for running a fake invoicing scheme.

Spruce Point believes that investors should be extremely cautious in light of our own findings that MATW: When put into context of other successful calls Spruce Point has made identifying companies struggling to integrate targets eg. When we look closer at its operational footprint, we find little evidence that it has accomplished anything.

Spruce Point conducted an extensive evaluation of AVAV, and find it to be a nearly identical stock promotion to iRobot. AVAV is being hyped as a play on drones, but its products are stagnant and being out-innovated by peers. Like iRobot, we find: While hope springs eternal that AVAV will one day broaden its horizons by selling its drones to businesses and not militaries, the market has overlooked the evidence that its drones work poorly even for military uses. True to form, AVAV has exhibited terrible FCF generationand margins, high management turnover, unwillingness to engage activist investors, and limited long-term share price upside until recent ETF buying.

Tootsie dates back to the early s and its brands are withering along with its core customers. Our channel checks reveal it uniformly receives the worst product placement on the shelves esp. Early adoption of new FDA labeling requirements show Tootsie has shrunk its serving size, an implicit acknowledgement consumers are eating less candy.

Enhanced sugar disclosure requirements now show significant added sugar content to its products. Families and kids take notice: Tootsie is notoriously secretive about its financials: Tootsie also inflates its gross margins in a material way by excluding shipping, warehousing, and freight costs. This leads to an bps gross margin overstatement. In essence, Tootsie lent money to these policies for the benefit of its executives, and is now tapping the cookie jar to reclaim funds and boost cash flow.

In our opinion, Tootsie is run for the benefit of insiders, while taking advantage of common shareholders through lavish compensation and excessive perks.

Tootsie offers none of its employees equity or stock options, which virtually guarantees that no one will care about maximizing the share price Download the report to read more. Investors are ascribing nonsensical multiples to its recent acquisitions, and failing to exercise caution. Spruce Point has been a dogged proponent against investing in roll-up strategies, which are often just financially engineered plays designed to game index funds into overpaying for stocks, with little focus or incentive for management to create organic growth or value creation through operational improvement.

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