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The Xetra trading venue. In , 90 percent of all trading in shares at all German exchanges was transacted through the Xetra trading venue. With regard to DAX listings, Xetra has 60 per cent market share throughout Europe.

Member feedback about Munich Re: Like France and the region of Franconia, the city is named after the Franks. This began as an automated quotation system where trading occurred over the phone although broker-dealers were able to see the prices other firms were offering. These so-called small caps rank directly below the MDAX shares in terms of order book volume and market capitalization. Arbitrage topic In economics and finance, arbitrage , UK also is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets:

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Xetra is an all-electronic trading system, based in Frankfurt, Germany. Launched in and operated by the Deutsche Börse, the Xetra platform offers increased flexibility for seeing order depth within the markets and offers trading in stocks, funds, bonds, warrants and commodities contracts.

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In comparison to the classical quick arbitrage transaction, such an operation can produce disastrous losses. The right to be informed. Formally, arbitrage transactions have negative skew — prices can get a small amount closer but often no closer than 0 , while they can get very far apart. Press release Deutsche Brse Cash Market. The trading technology of Xetra was designed and implemented on the basis of Eurex trading technology; this was undertaken on behalf of Deutsche Börse AG by Andersen Consulting nowadays Accenture and Deutsche Börse Systems.

Furthermore, the trading technology of Xetra has also been in use at the Vienna Stock Exchange since November Eurex Bonds , the Deutsche Börse trading platform for government bonds, relies on the trading technology of Xetra. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from " https: Financial services companies of Germany Economy of Frankfurt Electronic trading platforms. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 27 December , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Release of the Xetra GUI frontend only, to enable the familiarisation process. Trading on the trading floor in Frankfurt am Main is set on May 20, To high levels of supply and demand liquidity is a securities order, especially in the DAX stocks to market-based prices run faster and on the venue Xetra than on other trading venues.

This principle is also supported by liquidity provider known as Designated Sponsors ; they have to adjust selected, traded on Xetra securities continuously binding buy and sell prices quotes in the market. Since all trade is carried out electronically, it can in Xetra frequent partial execution of orders arrive than at stock exchanges. By networking for the Internet, the performance can be tracked worldwide. Access is not only the stockbrokers possible, but practically every user with a brokerage account.

The participation in trading on Xetra and on the floor trading does not require a separate admission, but newly listed securities will be automatically enabled for trading on both trading systems. The German stock exchange in Frankfurt today operates multiple instances of the Xetra system:.